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6. 21 Day Will Power Challenge, [Nutrition RESET]


This is an IN-PERSON, IN-HOME consultation and kitchen purge!

PDF Guide included.

Facetime or Skype consultation is also available for this session for those of you not In the Boston area.  But, we need to be live so I can have you perform tasks throughout your kitchen, fridge, and pantry. Allow 1-2 hours for this session.

This session will go over everything you need to know to get started! Change your mindset about food. Understand what certain types of foods do to affect your body.

We will also take body composition and body fat% measurements, so that we can track tangible results off the scale. Measurements with this session encompass once before you start the 21DWPC and once again at the end. 

You'll break bad food addictions.

You'll lose body fat.

You'll lose inches around your midsection (flattening out of stomach).

You'll take your body to the next level, that you can't achieve with exercise alone!

This is an in depth understanding of yourself, your habits, your food addictions, and awareness of what goes into your body. I will guide you through each step to prepare for this lifechanging program. The goal here is to make this process easy and sustainable for your every day busy lives.

Note: The State of MA taxes services at a 6.25% rate, this will show at purchase. I have other options to pay, less the tax--contact me directly.

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